Discovering your spiritual self requires looking inward and defining what spirituality means to you personally. 

spirituality manifests through devotion to a higher power or religious beliefs. 

For others, it arises from developing a deep connection with nature. 

Once you better understand your spiritual leanings, you can begin exploring practices that align with your truths.  

To develop spiritually, make time for stillness. Daily meditation or mindfulness, even for 15 minutes, is powerful.  

Find a quiet space, set a timer, and observe your thoughts without judgement. 

Focus on your breath and let go of mental chatter. If sitting still is difficult at first, use a guided meditation app for support. 

Some people are drawn to express spirituality through art, music, journaling or nature. 

Creativity and time outdoors often induce transcendent feelings of awe, joy and inner peace. Tap into these outlets if they resonate with you. 

surrounding yourself with spiritually-inclined friends reinforces the values you wish to cultivate.