The delay in tackling urgent issues or mental tendency to avoiding the tasks which need to be done is better termed as ‘procrastination’.

“How to avoid procrastination:10 secret facts” is one of the most important and accumulating hidden facts that are rarely ignored by most people.

1.The mind is the -creator and controller both

The mind is not only the controller of our entire thought process system; rather, it also an originator of it.

2. The mind is a different entity from you

One who understands our own mind’s behavior can easily be out of this cycle of procrastination.

3.Initial 5 seconds rule

If you don’t start in a short time, the mind will get the opportunity to procrastinate.

4. Avoid perfectionism

Once you start doing a thing without getting involved in perfectionism, miracles start happening in your life.

5.detach from past

Whenever the mind gets its severe attachments with the past, it finds unable to take the better decision with focus intensity in the present moment, which is the cornerstone to avoid procrastination.

6.don’t worry about the future

The naughty mental kid has another basic tendency to roam in the indefinite future, which nothing but mere imagination.

7.power of Now

You don’t delay things; you take the decision and execute it efficiently to achieve the optimal result. Your power of this present moment kills the evils of procrastination.