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Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust (SAST) is an innovative healthcare initiative that transforms lives by providing affordable and quality medical services.  SAST has become a beacon of hope for the most vulnerable communities with its vision of accessible healthcare for all.

 SAST approaches healthcare holistically. They have modern facilities, advanced technology and a caring team of professionals. Their commitment extends beyond physical health to mental and spiritual well-being. The impact of SAST’s work is significant. They bridge the gap between quality healthcare and affordability, ensuring that people of all backgrounds receive timely and comprehensive care. The trust also focuses on community outreach, health education and preventive care to empower individuals.

The beauty of SAST is the combination of diversity and a dynamic approach. By embracing different perspectives, they are rewriting the narrative of accessible health care and creating a society where the well-being of every person matters. With initiatives like SAST, together we can build a healthier and more inclusive future for all.

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust Scheme

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust (SAST) scheme stands as a remarkable healthcare initiative, encompassing a range of programs designed to provide affordable and high-quality medical services for all. Within the framework of SAST, several schemes have been implemented, catering to the specific healthcare needs of individuals across Karnataka.

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust

One such scheme is the Ayushman Bharat-Arogya Karnataka Scheme, a collaboration with the Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY). This scheme offers health coverage to economically vulnerable families, ensuring they receive cashless treatment for various medical procedures and hospitalization expenses. It serves as a lifeline, improving access to quality healthcare for those in need.

The Jyothi Sanjeevini Scheme (JSS) focuses on maternal and child healthcare services, recognizing the importance of comprehensive care during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period. By providing specialized medical interventions and support, this scheme ensures the well-being of both mothers and their precious little ones, contributing to a healthier future generation.

The Organ Transplantation Scheme is another significant initiative under SAST, facilitating life-saving organ transplants. This scheme covers the expenses associated with surgery, hospitalization, and post-operative care, making organ transplantation accessible to individuals who require it most. It brings hope to patients and their families, offering a chance at renewed life and restored health.

Furthermore, the Hutti Suvarna Arogya Yojane (HSAY) scheme focuses on the healthcare needs of gold mine workers and their families in Hutti. It provides comprehensive medical coverage, ranging from preventive care to diagnostics, treatments, and emergency services. This scheme recognizes the invaluable contributions of these workers and ensures their health and well-being are prioritized.

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust

These activities illustrate Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust’s dedication to satisfying varied healthcare needs and providing high-quality care to all needy people in the state. Through these medical projects, SAST is fast improving lives and fostering a more inclusive, healthy future for people all around Karnataka.

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust Logo

The Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust logo represents the essence and mission of the trust in a concise visual form. It is a symbol of commitment towards providing accessible and quality healthcare to the people of Karnataka. The logo embodies the values of compassion, trust, and empowerment, serving as a reminder of the trust’s dedication to ensuring the well-being of individuals and creating a healthier future for all.

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust Application Form

When it comes to availing of the benefits provided by Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust (SAST), individuals in Karnataka can take the first step by obtaining the Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust Application Form. This essential form is available for download on the official website of the trust, which is managed by the Health & Family Welfare Department of the Government of Karnataka.

To initiate the process, individuals are encouraged to visit the trust’s website and locate the Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust Application Form. This form follows a prescribed format that needs to be strictly adhered to while applying for the various schemes under SAST. By filling out this application form, individuals can pave the way towards claiming the benefits offered by the trust and ensuring their good health.

By submitting the application form, individuals take an important step towards accessing quality healthcare services and securing the necessary support for their well-being. The form acts as a means to convey their eligibility and requirements, ensuring that they receive the appropriate healthcare benefits under the schemes offered by SAST.

In order to make the most of the Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust Application Form, it is recommended that individuals read the instructions provided on the website carefully. By doing so, they can ensure that they provide all the necessary information and complete the form accurately. This attention to detail will contribute to a smooth application process and expedite the delivery of healthcare benefits.

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust Hospital List

When it comes to providing healthcare benefits, Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust (SAST) leaves no stone unturned. The trust has an extensive network of hospitals that beneficiaries can choose from to avail themselves of the benefits offered under the scheme. This vast hospital list encompasses both private and government hospitals, ensuring accessibility across all districts of Karnataka.

To explore the comprehensive list of hospitals affiliated with the SAST scheme, beneficiaries can simply visit the official website of the trust. By doing so, they gain access to a wealth of information regarding the hospitals available to them. With over 4000 hospitals attached to the SAST program, individuals have a wide range of options to receive the healthcare services they need.

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust

Among these hospitals, more than 2900 are government hospitals, reflecting the trust’s commitment to making quality healthcare accessible to all sections of society. These government hospitals play a pivotal role in delivering healthcare services to beneficiaries under the SAST scheme. Additionally, there are over 1200 private hospitals that have partnered with SAST, further expanding the scope of healthcare options available.

The inclusion of both private and government hospitals ensures that beneficiaries have choices that suit their preferences and healthcare needs. Whether it’s a government hospital providing affordable treatments or a private hospital offering specialized services, the SAST hospital list caters to diverse requirements.

The availability of such a wide range of hospitals underscores the trust’s dedication to providing comprehensive healthcare coverage to the people of Karnataka. By partnering with reputable healthcare institutions across the state, SAST strives to ensure that beneficiaries receive the best possible medical care when they need it.

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust Benefits

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust (SAST) brings a multitude of benefits to the people of Karnataka, ensuring their well-being through various schemes.

Given below are some of the benefits provided by each scheme under Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust (SAST):

1. Ayushman Bharat – Arogya Karnataka Scheme: The Ayushman Bharat – Arogya Karnataka Scheme extends its benefits to eligible households (BPL) and RSBY enrolled beneficiaries. Some of the key advantages of this scheme are:

A] Basic Sum Assured: Under this scheme, each eligible household receives a basic sum assured of Rs. 5,00,000 per family per year. This coverage provides a significant financial cushion for healthcare expenses.

B] Comprehensive Coverage: The scheme encompasses a wide range of healthcare services, including Simple Secondary, Complex Secondary, Tertiary, and Emergency Procedures. This comprehensive coverage ensures that individuals can access the required medical treatments without financial burden.

2. Jyothi Sanjeevini Scheme: The Jyothi Sanjeevini Scheme focuses on providing cashless treatment to Government Employees and their dependents through an empanelled network of hospitals. Here are the key benefits of this scheme:

A] Tertiary and Emergency Care: The scheme covers tertiary and emergency treatments in 7 broad specialities, namely Cardiology, Oncology, Genito Urinary Surgery, Neurology, Burns, Poly-Trauma cases (excluding medico-legal cases), and Neo-Natal & Paediatric Surgery. This ensures that Government Employees and their dependents receive specialized medical care when needed the most.

B] Cashless Treatment: With the Jyothi Sanjeevini Scheme, beneficiaries can avail themselves of cashless treatment facilities. They can access medical services without having to bear the financial burden upfront, allowing for seamless healthcare experiences.

3. Organ Transplantation Scheme: The Organ Transplantation Scheme aims to support poor/BPL patients in Karnataka who require organ transplants. Here are the specific benefits provided by this scheme:

A] Live-Related Donor Transplants: The scheme facilitates organ transplants from live and related donors. Such transplants are conducted in government hospitals. In cases where government hospitals lack the capacity to perform transplants, referrals may be made to empanelled private hospitals.

B] Cadaveric Transplants: In the event of brain-dead donors, transplants can be performed in either government or private empanelled hospitals based on recipient registration and organ availability at the retrieval centre.

C] Cost Coverage: The scheme covers the total costs of specific organ transplant surgeries per patient per year. For instance, the cost of kidney transplant surgery is Rs. 3 lakhs, heart transplant surgery is Rs. 11 lakhs, and liver transplant surgery is Rs. 12 lakhs. This financial assistance ensures that patients from economically disadvantaged backgrounds can access life-saving organ transplants.

4. Hutti Suvarna Arogya Yojane (HSAY): HSAY is designed to benefit the employees of Hutti Gold Mines and their dependents. Here are the details of the scheme’s benefits:

A] Comprehensive Coverage: The scheme operates through Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust in an “assurance mode.” There is no financial cap, ensuring that beneficiaries receive extensive coverage for medical expenses.

B] Cashless Treatment: Beneficiaries of HSAY can avail themselves of cashless treatment facilities. This means that they can receive medical services without any immediate financial burden, providing them with peace of mind during their healthcare journeys.

C] Extensive Specialties and Procedures: HSAY covers 23 broad specialities, including 7 tertiary and 16 secondary care areas. Within these specialities, there are 1650 procedures covered under the scheme. This extensive coverage ensures that employees and their dependents have access to a wide range of medical services, enabling comprehensive healthcare support.

These detailed benefits of the various schemes under Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust demonstrate the commitment to providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare services to the people of Karnataka.

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust Jobs

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust (SAST) not only plays a vital role in providing healthcare benefits to the people of Karnataka but also offers employment opportunities to individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the field of healthcare. Given below are some of the jobs and career prospects within SAST:

Medical Professionals:

SAST opens doors for medical professionals, including doctors, specialists, nurses, and healthcare administrators. These dedicated individuals contribute their expertise and compassion to ensure the smooth functioning of healthcare services under the various schemes. From diagnosing and treating patients to managing medical facilities, medical professionals play a crucial role in the success of SAST.

Administrative Staff:

Behind the scenes, a team of administrative staff keeps the operations of Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust running efficiently. These professionals handle tasks such as managing finances, coordinating with hospitals and healthcare providers, overseeing documentation, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Their expertise and organizational skills are instrumental in maintaining the trust’s seamless functioning.

IT and Technology Experts:

In today’s digital age, technology plays a significant role in healthcare systems. SAST employs IT and technology experts who develop and maintain robust healthcare information systems, electronic medical records, and secure data management platforms. These professionals help streamline processes, enhance data security, and ensure the smooth flow of information for effective healthcare delivery.

Customer Support and Outreach:

SAST recognizes the importance of excellent customer support and outreach to ensure that beneficiaries understand and make the most of the available healthcare schemes. Jobs in customer support involve assisting beneficiaries with queries, clarifying scheme details, and guiding them through the process of availing benefits. Outreach staff engage with communities, conduct awareness programs, and ensure that eligible individuals are aware of the healthcare schemes offered by SAST.

Research and Development:

Innovation and improvement are key to advancing healthcare services. SAST encourages research and development initiatives to enhance the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare. Professionals involved in research and development work towards identifying new treatment approaches, implementing best practices, and evaluating the effectiveness of existing healthcare schemes.

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust values its employees and offers a supportive work environment that fosters growth, learning, and collaboration. By joining the trust’s workforce, individuals can contribute to the noble cause of providing accessible and quality healthcare to the people of Karnataka while building rewarding careers in the healthcare sector.

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