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Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh Vrat is a hold occasion dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

It is believed that for those who worship the God and Goddess methodically on this auspicious day, troubles, diseases, and planetary defects are removed permanently from one’s life.

Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh Vrat is considered to be beneficial to the married couple as they can try for a child successfully.

Pradosh Vrat

Devotees also believe that by observing Pradosh Vrat, a person’s food grains, happiness, prosperity, and wealth increase.

Pradosh Vrat Katha

There are many encouraging and engaging stories related to this auspicious Vrat.

Also, depending on the Vrat observed, there are different types of stories attached to them.

One such Katha is about Chandra Dev, the ruler of the planet Moon and one of the Gods of heaven.

Moon was suffering from a miserable disease on account of a curse given to him. To get rid of the disease and all the pain that came with it, he prays to Lord Shiva with full devotion.

Pradosh Vrat

Seeing his devotion and being pleased by his prayers, Lord Shiva gave darshan to him on Trayodashi day and blessed him.

Lord Shiva even got him liberated from the disease and his suffering. This special day is commemorated as the Trayodashi Pradosh.

There is another interesting story related to Pradosh. There used to be a poor Brahmin widow who would go around seeking alms not just to look after her son but also to make ends meet.

One day, after returning to her humble house, she found a young prince lying on the ground after being injured.

Out of motherly love and compassion, the widow takes the prince to her home and takes good care of him.

Several years passed. The prince had grown to be a handsome-looking young man. One day, Anshumati, a Gandharva princess, came across the prince and fell in love with him instantly.

After a few days, Anshumati arrived at the Brahmin’s house along with her parents to discuss her marriage with the prince.

Lord Shiva subsequently appeared in the dreams of Anshumati’s parents and advised them in getting their daughter married off to the prince.

Taking Lord Shiva’s advice as a blessing, Anshumati’s parents obliged and gave her hand to the young prince.

After some time, the prince defeated his enemy in the battle and got his parents rescued as they were held captive by the enemies.

Pradosh Vrat

After regaining his kingdom, the prince took the poor Brahmin woman and his son to his new palace as a mark of gratitude.

He wanted to provide a new lease of life to those who stood by him in his time of difficulty.

While all the things were happening in her life, the poor Brahmin woman never faltered in the prayer she used to keep on this day.

This was because she was an ardent follower of Lord Shiva. Her unaverred devotion bore fruits.

Therefore, devotees believe that whenever you observe a vrat on the day of Pradosh, you will be blessed by Lord Shiva and he will grant all your wishes.

Pradosh Vrat Kab Hai

If you are seeking answers for Pradosh Vrat kab hai, then we have a definite answer for you.

This month (September 2022), the first vrat will fall on September 8. For the pooja, the auspicious time starts at 6:27 pm and will conclude at 8:47 pm.

Pradosh Vrat 2022

Also known as Guru Pradosh, Pradosh Vrat 2022 falls on Trayodashi tithis – Krishna Paksha Trayodashi and Shukla Paksha Trayodashi.

According to the Hindu calendar, these occasions fall twice a month. The first Vrat for September 2022 falls on the 8th.

The shubh muhurats for Pradosh Vrat 2022 are as follows:

  • Abhijit Muhurat: 1:53 am to 12:44 pm
  • Brahma Muhurat: 4:31 am to 5:17 am
  • Vijaya Muhurat: Starts at 2:24 pm and ends at 3:14 pm
  • Godhuli Muhurat: Starts at 6:22 pm and ends at 6:46 pm

Guru Pradosh Vrat 2022 can be followed easily and the benefits of observing this vrat are guaranteed.

Devotees wake up early in the morning on the day of vrat. Thereafter, they take a bath and observe fast all day.

Diyas are then lit before the idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Mogra flowers are also placed on the idols.

Aarti of Lord Shiva is done and Vrat mantras are recited by the devotees at the same time.

Abhishekam of Shiva and Parvati is done using Panchamrit (a combination of milk, ghee, curd, honey, and sugar).

Devotees also recite the Mahamrityunjay mantra 108 times on this Vrat 2022.

Pradosh Vrat List

Pradosh Vrat 2022 falls twice every month – on Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha. On both pakshas, the occasion is celebrated on Trayodashi day.

The event is called Soma Pradosham. It is called Bhuma Pradosham if the vrat is observed on Tuesday. 

If the vrat falls on Saturday, then it is called Shani Pradosham. All the vrat timings are dependent on the time of sunset.

DateType of VratTiming
15 January 2022, SaturdayPausha, Shukla Trayodashi, Shani Pradosh VratFrom 10:19 pm, 14 January till 12:57 am, 16 January
30 January 2022, SundayMagha, Krishna Trayodashi, Ravi Pradosh VratFrom 8:37 pm, 29 January till 5:29 pm, 30 January
14 February 2022, MondayMagha, Shukla Trayodashi, Soma Pradosh VratFrom 6:42 pm, 13 February till 8:28 pm, 14 February
28 February 2022, MondayPhalguna, Krishna Trayodashi, Soma Pradosh VratFrom 5:43 am, 28 February till 3:16 am, 1 March
15 March 2022, TuesdayPhalguna, Shukla Trayodashi, Bhauma Pradosh VratFrom 1:12 pm, 15 March till 1:40 pm, 16 March
29 March 2022, TuesdayChaitra, Krishna Trayodashi, Bhauma Pradosh VratFrom 2:38 pm, 29 March till 1:19 pm, 30 March
14 April 2022, ThursdayChaitra, Shukla Trayodashi, Guru Pradosh VratFrom 4:50 am, 14 April till 3:56 am, 15 April
28 April 2022, ThursdayVaishakha, Krishna Trayodashi, Guru Pradosh VratFrom 12:24 am, 28 April till 12:27 am, 29 April
13 May 2022, FridayVaishakha, Shukla Trayodashi, Shukra Pradosh VratFrom 5:27 pm, 13 May till 3:23 pm, 14 May
27 May 2022, FridayJyestha, Krishna Trayodashi, Shukra Pradosh VratFrom 11:48 am, 27 May till 1:10 pm, 28 May
12 June 2022, SundayJyestha, Shukla Trayodashi, Ravi Pradosh VratFrom 3:24 am, 12 June till 12:27 am, 13 June
26 June 2022, SundayAshadha, Krishna Trayodashi, Ravi Pradosh VratFrom 1:10 am, 26 June till 3:26 am, 27 June
11 July 2022, MondayAshadha, Krishna Trayodashi, Soma Pradosh VratFrom 11:14 am, 11 July till 7:46 am, 12 July
25 July 2022, MondayShravana, Krishna Trayodashi, Soma Pradosh VratFrom 4:16 pm, 25 July till 6:47 pm, 26 July
9 August 2022, TuesdayShravana, Shukla Trayodashi, Bhauma Pradosh VratFrom 5:46 pm, 9 August till 2:16 pm, 10 August
24 August 2022, WednesdayBhadrapada, Krishna Trayodashi, Budha Pradosh VratFrom 8:31 am, 24 August till 10:38 am, 25 August
8 September 2022, ThursdayBhadrapada, Shukla Trayodashi, Guru Pradosh VratFrom 12:05 am, 8 September till 9:03 pm, 8 September
23 September 2022, FridayAshwina, Krishna Trayodashi, Shukra Pradosh VratFrom 1:18 am, 23 September till 2:31 am, 24 September
7 October 2022, FridayAshwina, Shukla Trayodashi, Shukra Pradosh VratFrom 7:27 am, 7 October till 5:25 am, 8 October
22 October 2022, SaturdayKartika, Krishna Trayodashi, Shani Pradosh VratFrom 6:03 pm, 22 October till 6:03 pm, 23 October
5 November 2022, SaturdayKartika, Shukla Trayodashi, Shani Pradosh VratFrom 5:07 pm, 5 November till 4:29 pm, 6 November
21 November 2022, MondayMargashirsha, Krishna Trayodashi, Soma Pradosh VratFrom 10:07 am, 21 November till 8:49 am, 22 November
5 December 2022, MondayMargashirsha, Shukla Trayodashi, Soma Pradosh VratFrom 5:57 am, 5 December till 6:47 am, 6 December
21 December 2022, WednesdayPausha, Krishna Trayodashi, Budha Pradosh VratFrom 00:45 am, 21 December till 10:16 pm, 22 December

Pradosh Vrat Benefits

Pradosh Vrat fasting is observed twice a month during Trayodashi Tithi. This fasting is considered to be dear to Lord Shiva.

According to legend, Lord Shiva drank poison during Samudra Manthan on Trayodashi Tithi and helped the world save from massive trouble.

Pradosh Vrat

Seeing this, all the gods and goddesses worshipped Lord Shiva and expressed their gratitude.

Given the significance of the occasion, it is believed that one can get rid of all kinds of troubles by observing this great Vrat fast.

Given below are some benefits attached with different Pradosh Vrats:

  • Bhaum Pradosh – Observing fast on this day helps people get rid of the inauspicious effects of Mars and diseases.
  • Soma Pradosh – Not only do all your wishes get fulfilled by observing fast on Soma Pradosh but also your obstacles get removed.
  • Guru Pradosh – Benefits in seeking blessings from ancestors and destroying enemies.
  • Budha Pradosh – Provides sharp intellect to the children and ensures their better health. Benefits are also provided to people working in the educational field.
  • Shani Pradosh – Childless couples get blessed with children, ill-lucks related to Shani get resolved, and people suffering from mental troubles can get rid of all the problems.
  • Shukra Pradosh – Financial condition improves substantially, luck improves, and married life of couples becomes better.
  • Ravi Pradosh – Fasting on this day ensures better health and long life. The individual’s fame and respect in society increase.

What is Pradosh Vrat?

Considered one of the most important and auspicious days for Hindus, the day of Pradosh is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

On this day, people observe vrat (fast) with devotion and pure dedication to Lord Shiva as he grants devotees with wealth, prosperity, health, desired partner, and children.

What are the Benefits of Pradosh Vrat?

  • Good health and longevity can be obtained by fasting on Sundays
  • Enemies will be destroyed by observing this Vrat on Thursdays
  • Relief from diseases can be expected by fasting on Tuesdays
  • Observing Vrat on Saturdays will grant you a child
  • Observing the Vrat on Mondays will answer all your prayers
  • You will be blessed with happiness and good fortune by keeping the Vrat on Fridays
  • Fulfilment of wishes will happen by keeping the Vrat on Wednesdays

How do you keep Pradosh Vrat?

As per the Shiva Purana, devotees who observe Pradosh Vrat will have all their desires fulfilled and attain prosperity.

Women can also observe this important occasion if they desire to have a child. Skanda Purana also mentions this important occasion and its significance.

While some people observe the Pradosh fast twice a month, others do it only during the waning period (or Krishna Paksha).

If you want to observe Vrat, then there are two ways how you can do it.

While some devotees consume only water during fasting and eat the prasad after the puja is over in the evening, others observe a rigorous vrat that extends up to 24 hours.

During this while, the devotees don’t sleep at night.

There is another simple way of observing this auspicious day.  In this method, a devotee eats fruits in the daytime and cooked food later in the day, after the prayer is offered.

The health and willpower of the devotee are what determine the rigour of the vrat. Some devotees do not observe fast but visit the temple and offer their prayers or worship the lord during the time of twilight.

If you are observing this day, then there are some procedures you need to follow. First, as soon as you wake up in the morning, take a bath.

Then wear clean clothes. Ensure that you do not consume meat, garlic, onion, or other tamasic foods.

Also, make sure you stay away from alcohol and tobacco. Keep chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” as many times as you can.

In the evening, during Pradosh hours, light one Deepak. If you do this, Lord Shiva will be pleased.

You can also worship Lord Shiva in the form of a sacred pot or Kalash. To worship this way, you will first need to draw a lotus on the pot, fill it with water, and cover it using Darbha grass.

Also, you need to make sure to offer bael leaves to the lord, as it is considered to be his favourite.

During the puja ceremony, devotees can use this water and the same can be offered alongside the sacred ash (vibhuti) as prasad.

As a symbol of Lord Shiva, the vibhuti can be offered on the forehead.

While keeping Vrat, devotees are advised to keep an eye on sunrise and sunset as these timings can vary from one place to another.

If you check the sunrise and sunset timings at your place of stay, then it becomes easier to know when to start the vrat.

Is Today’s Pradosh Vrat?

The date for the next vrat falls on September 23, Friday. In October, the Pradosh Vrat dates fall on the 7th (Friday) and 23rd (Sunday).


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