Aaj ka Shubh Muhurt
Aaj ka Shubh Muhurt

Aaj ka Shubh Muhurt

Aaj ka Shubh Muhurt as per Hindu culture and astrology is considered the most auspicious moment of the day to start any activity or work to achieve the desired results.

Science postulates each moment in this universe is best or Shubh because the heavenly bodies can not stop their respective rotation and revolution for a single moment. If the earth stops rotation and revolution for a moment, it would collapse.

Shubh Muhurt

In Indian Vedic astrology, choosing the right time and right day to carry out any work or ceremonies is important to ensure success in the chosen endeavour.

From time immemorial, there has been a tradition of selecting an auspicious time or shubh muhurt before an important work.

Aaj ka Shubh Muhurt

It is believed that whenever work is carried out during shubh muhurt, work gets completed smoothly and quickly.

As human beings, we keep tasting success and failures, happiness and sorrow regularly.

So, the basic idea of deciding the shubh muhurt is to keep failures and sorrows at bay and ensure the continuity of success and happiness.

Shubh Muhurt Time

In the Hindu religion, there is a tradition of considering shubh muhurt time before the commencement of any auspicious or important function or work.

There is a belief among Hindus that the works carried out during shubh muhurt time becomes successful and the results are also positive.

This is the main reason why Hindus select a shubh muhurt time before the commencement of any work, religious rituals, pooja havans, weddings, house warming programs.

The right time is usually decided after consulting a pandit or an astrologer.

Aaj ka Shubh Muhurt

Shubh muhurt time is calculated after checking the positions of planets and stars. The concept in Indian astrology is that when the positioning of planets and stars is correct, that period is considered shubh.

All works carried out during shubh muhurt time give desired results to people.

Aaj ka Shubh Muhurt: Superstition or Science?

There is no element of superstition in Aaj ka shubh muhurt. The basis of finding shubh muhurt for your event or important work is backed by ancient Indian Vedic science or astrology.

Finding the shubh muhurt involves checking the planetary and Nakshatra positions and the impact they can have on your life.

Therefore, it can be said that science is involved in the procedures for calculating shubh muhurt.

Aaj ka Shubh Muhurt: How to Calculate?

In Vedic astrology, there are a few things you need to consider while calculating Aaj ka shubh muhurt before you carry out an important task or event.

Some of the factors include Date or Tithi, Day or Var, Nakshatra, Karana, Yoga, Venus and Jupiter Combustion, Adhik Mas, Malmas, Position of Navagrahas, Auspicious and Inauspicious Yoga, Rahu Kaal, Auspicious Lagna, Bhadra, etc.

Favourable results can be achieved when one evaluates such yogas and carry out tasks during auspicious muhurts.

On the other hand, undesirable results are achieved when the work is carried out during inauspicious yoga in an inauspicious muhurt.

In Hinduism, muhurt is referred to as time measurement. According to the Hindu calendar or Panchang, the summation of total time (both during day and night) is 24 hours.

30 muhurts can be counted out of these 24 hours. Each of these muhurts has 48 minutes in it. To put it in simple words, a muhurt duration is approximately 48 minutes or 2 Ghadi.

Aaj ka Shubh Muhurt: Astrological Importance

There are a variety of things we desire in this materialistic world. However, the two most important things we all aspire are happiness and success.

If there is a sure way to reach these two objectives, then it has to be carrying out works or rituals during shubh muhurt on the basis of astrology.

Auspicious moments are created in our lives regularly due to the movements of planets and the stars that rule them.

To find out the movements that are conducive to us, we take the help of astrology. The suitable phase of the day is also referred to as shubh muhurt.

As a lot of things happen at their respective times, we need to make sure that we are in the right location and at the right time to be successful in what we are set to do and lead a fruitful life.

The ancient Indian science of astrology helps us find the finest times during which important tasks can be carried out. These times will be in harmony with the planet’s energy.

Aaj ka Shubh Muhurt Online

In Hinduism, muhurt is considered important. To find out Aaj ka shubh muhurt, the positionings of planets and constellations are calculated.

It is only when the positionings are right the shubh muhurt of the day is calculated. Sometimes, people wait for months to arrive at the shubh muhurt day for carrying out auspicious work.

Though consulting an astrologer in person is still the preferred way for finding out the Aaj ka shubh muhurt, the trend of finding the Aaj ka shubh muhurt online is fast catching up.

There is no need for an individual to consult an astrologer or the pandit in person to find out Aaj ka shubh muhurt.

The software for calculating the muhurt is available. All the user has to do is enter important details, like Date of Birth, Sex, Time of Birth, Time Zone, Latitude, Longitude, Event Subject, etc.

Once these details are entered into the software, Aaj ka shubh muhurt details are provided to you instantly. The results are accurate and can be trusted as they are reviewed and backed by experienced astrologers.

Aaj ka Shubh Muhurt: Importance in Hindu Rituals

There is a need to find an auspicious time to carry out Hindu rituals. It is widely believed that when the rituals are carried out in the Aaj ka shubh muhurt, optimal effects are achieved.

Therefore, before carrying out any Hindu ritual, it is important to consider the shubh muhurt or the appropriate time.

It is only then prosperity and happiness in our lives are guaranteed. The things to consider while selecting the Aaj ka shubh muhurt are the date, position of planets, position of the Moon, and Nakshatra.

“Muhurt” comprises two words – “Muhu” meaning moment and “rat” meaning order. Therefore, to put it in simple words, Muhurt means selecting a good time to do something good.

Hindu rituals are carried out for the betterment of one and all. The exact procedures are followed to appease God and seek his wishes.

One of the most important aspects of carrying out such rituals is selecting an appropriate time or shubh muhurt.

When the rituals are carried out during shubh muhurt, there is a high chance that the procedures will be completed successfully and on time.

It also means that god will be satisfied with your devotion and bless you.


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