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Bhay Bin Hoye na Preet

Bhay Bin Hoye na Preet | भय बिनु होइ न प्रीति

Bhay Bin Hoye na Preet | भय बिनु होइ न प्रीति is one of the most relevant and commanding verses extracted from the Great Epic Ramayana.

Bhay Bin Hoye na Preet is a fine extract of the holy book Ramayana, which we can roughly translate to “There is no love without fear”.

Bhay Bin Hoye na Preet

Nowadays it is even quoted by the Indian leaders, to promote peace and love within the world.

We heard it from the premier in one of his speeches to convey the message to the whole world.

Bhay bin Hoye na Preet Meaning

Bhay bin hoye na Preet literally means “No love without fear”.

 Love is certainly a different kind of emotion and it often causes discomfort due to the way it changes our world and our emotional makeup.

This kind is unbelievably scary as in one moment you can just be a person going through your daily life and in one emotional transformation; your state of mind will suddenly get tampered with the thought of someone regardless of whatever task you are doing.

Such a state of mind definitely induces a slight amount of fear.

Obviously, there is an insecurity that comes with seeking the approval of one you love and you can see it as some sort of fear as well.

Bhay bin Hoye na Preet Meaning

And, you can apply it to world peace as well. It can also be translated as,

“Once prayers for peace fail, one may need to instill fear to bring peace.”

Sometimes, the prayers for peace fail and then you might need to bring fear in between to establish peace.

And, this is exactly how our world is functioning in the current times.

Powerful nations with nuclear powers have made it clear to the less developed countries to establish peace.

The fear of nuclear bombs and war eventually promotes the table talks.

This is how we have established the fear of peace among the powerful countries of the world; otherwise, this world would have been a different place.

We have faced very serious and deadly World Wars before the creation of nuclear bombs and we in modern times wouldn’t be able to bear more loss of innocent human lives.

We all have seen the devastation that Hiroshima and Nagasaki have seen sometimes before because of the nuclear bombs, and they are facing it still.

And, this devastation in one way or another established fear of peace among the nations.

Bhay bin Hoye na Preet Sanskrit

भय बिन होए न प्रीत

Bhaye bin Hoye na Preet

There is no love without fear.

Today the whole world needs peace and love and that is the most lacking phenomenon in our today’s world.

Hate is predominant in our societies even when every religion preaches peace and harmony.

Hinduism has also promoted peace and love like others and this verse can be a great example of how to bring love and peace among nations.

In all the Dharmic religions, avoidance of violence is the central concept and Bhaye bin Hoye na Preet is a correct depiction.

Traditionally, Hindus used to adopt an ancient Sanskrit phrase Vasudhaiva kutumbakam, which translates as “The world is one family”.

But, now this verse in Ramayana talks about actual love and peace.

Bhay bin Hoye na Preet Full Chaupai

Bha bin hoye na Preet is actually just a part of Ramayana, and there is a whole Chaupai of it that goes like,

Bhay bin Hoye na Preet Full Chaupai

Vinay na manat jaladhi jad, gaye teen din beet,

bole Ram sakop tab, “bhay bin hoye na preet ?”


The mighty ocean does not understand a loving request, three days have now passed. Then Ram spoke with anger. “Without fear, there is no love”.

Bhay bin Hoye na Preet Source

“No love without fear” or “peace through strength” is traced back to the Roman Emperor Hadrian (reigned AD 117 – 138). But, this concept is old as recorded in history.

The Indian epic Ramayana which is considered 7000 years old quotes this as the Lord Ramayana saying, “Bhaye bin Hoye na Preet”.

Bhay bin Hoye na Preet

Moreover, the Introduction to US National Security and Defense Strategies of 2018 states, “Preserve Peace through Strength” and the US force posture combined with the allies will follow the method and achieve the highly required peace.

This document then proceeds to discuss the details of what “achieving peace through strength requires”.

The preponderance of power and its concepts are associated with peace through strength.

It’s the exact opposite of balance of power or the hegemonic stability theory, uni-polar stability, or imperial peace.

Bhay bin Hoye na Preet

The whole world is now following the same method of the preponderance of power to maintain peace around the world.

The balance of powers now seems to be an old theory and we all are in a different race of achieving power to maintain love and peace.

Bhay bin hoye na Preet story behind in Ramayana

There is a whole story behind this short part of the verse that will make it easy for you to understand how love and peace can’t exist without some sort of fear.

Have you ever imagined being in love without the sense and feelings of insecurities, which itself is some sort of fear?

You can’t love anyone without fears and it’s not possible to love truly without developing some insecurities.

Fear comes with love and it is an essential part of it.

And, similarly, you can’t establish peace without creating fear among the nations.

Bhay bin hoye na Preet story behind in Ramayana

Ram was actually Maryada Purushottam (a great man with the highest character) and he was the best among men bounded by discipline and Dharma.

He once reached the ocean with folded hands and bowed to the God of the ocean.

He then sought permission from the God of the ocean to cross it.

Furthermore, he requested the God of the ocean to part the ocean so that his mighty army of monkeys could cross it so that they can attack Lanka to rescue Goddess Sita.

Bhay bin hoye na Preet story behind in Ramayana

Then, Ram waited for the God of the ocean to arrive and give him permission.

A day passed and then another and on the third day, Ram again came and waited near the ocean along with the prayers in order to seek permission from the God of the ocean.

It was almost the time of sunset and there was no sign of the God of the Ocean.

Now, Ram was becoming impatient and angry and the feeling of anger took away his calmness.

He then took out his bows and planned to attack the God of the Ocean by setting an arrow in ready to attack.

After that, Ocean God came and bowed down before Ram and said,

“Lord of the Universe! I am sorry to have made you wait. Please forgive me. Who am I to grant permission? I have only one request. Please grant it. Build a bridge across me so that your epic crossing is remembered for all time to come.”

Ram, immediately agreed to his request and ordered to for building a bridge across the ocean.

Tulsidas captured Ram’s agony and anger in the verse beautifully and this proverb is the extraction of that particular verse referencing it to the anger before going to rescue Goddess Sita.

Bhay bin hoye na Preet story behind in Ramayana

The mighty ocean does not understand a loving request, three days have now passed. Then Ram spoke with anger. Without fear, there is no love.

Here he was showing anger to the God of the ocean for making him wait to grant permission.

But, he explained how fear is an ultimate part of love and peace.

Bhay bin Hoye na Preet Essay

Bhay bin Hoye na Preet which implies no love without fear is a great verse that has a more symbolic interpretation rather than a literal meaning of it.

You may hear that you should love someone without fear but there is no such thing as love without fear.

When someone is in love, there is always a risk of bruised heart.

Because when you are in love, you have to walk with a blindfold, and you have to trust sometimes without even seeing certain things.

But, this old proverb from the great epic Ramayana has some in-depth interpretation.

Bhay bin Hoye na Preet Essay

Undoubtedly a man is a wonderful creation of God and is the symbol of the power of his creator.

Man has conquered land, water, and the other bounties of the universe and now nature has become the companion of the wonderful creation of man.

But, there is a power that can make such a powerful creature confused as well.

Humans consider themselves to be immortal and the theory of power has been strengthened.

Humans are convinced that love and peace cannot exist without fear.

And, ancient history has also witnessed this argument.

Peace is born out of fear and that sometimes supports the argument that wars are necessary for peacemaking.

God’s creation knows that the strong have always been used to exploit and make dominance over the weak.

And that somehow maintains peace and love among the whole society and world.

The stronger can get what they want. In our society and the nation, there are always terrible and foul-mouthed wolves in the disguise of humans.

These wolves in human guise were always there and will remain in the future.

Bhay bin Hoye na Preet Essay

Everyone is afraid but that doesn’t mean no animal loves anyone from the fear of death.

But, they must bend in some way to get rid of the suffering of death.

And that is why when he sees an act beyond his bounded intellect, they immediately start to believe in some unknown divine power.

And, the feeling of that divine power ingrains fears in humans.

Similarly, we see that man sometimes does one thing and sometimes another, according to the circumstances.

When the situation forces the man to do certain things, he develops a habit of doing it.

The wonderful creation on the planet Earth has started loving food with the fear of hunger because it calms his hunger.

With the fear of frightening things, the creatures have started loving beautiful things.

The human heart is moved with pity when he sees someone in struggles and suffering from worldly problems.

The tendency of taking possession of things is also natural.

The man struggles with who tries to deprive him and establish authority.

And, when the fear overcomes other feelings in human beings, he starts resorting to avoiding that.

As soon as humans find that support, Preet becomes inevitable in them and this principle empowers every human being.

Some people may think that fear is destroyed by peace, but now that thing is right for almost everyone in their opinion.

We have seen two World Wars in this world of which even its related thoughts make everyone scared.

When the scene of that destruction plays in our memories and sights, we all take to support the peace.  

But, is peace possible without fear? Most countries are engaged day and night to establish peace.

Some of the powerful countries are still using the power of dominancy and fear to establish that peace.

It is a strange thing that to die for life, the feeling of love is awakened in the other and he is ready to take the same fear again in the same direction from which he wants to run away.

And, this similar situation was in front of the Purushottam Lord Rama and he pleaded with the ocean to make way for him.

But, that didn’t happen and he knew that solicitation was only a sign of weakness and if he was powerful, he could have gone by the road himself.

This is nature’s law and everyone in similar situations thinks the same.

The ocean then came to the shelter of the Lord and takes the happy path because of the fear of dying after the Lord took out his bows.

This fear makes the weak, the weak, angry man calm and the sadistic sadhu merciless.

So, it is true that when a person has questions about something and he has a sense of fear, only then the desire of loving others will be awakened in him.

When we see a stronger enemy, there is a sudden desire of establishing a friendship with them that later turns into love.

The sage Munizan was not loved by the forest dwellers because he was a renunciate, but they used to love them because of the fear of their anger and fear of the curse.

And, for this reason, he was respected by everyone.

So, when we say without fear, love is not really possible with anyone, we don’t say without arguments as love without fear is not really possible with anyone.

Love and peace are not scary words but their backgrounds and the realities attached to them are scary. They can be easily deceiving too.

We discussed how our world is focusing greatly on Bhay bin Hoye na Preet and achieving peace with this formula.

But, this can be correct on individual levels as well.

Often people presume that they love other people, but sometimes they are unaware of whether such feelings are conveyed in the manner other person perceives it or not.

This certain feeling indicates a lack of sensitivity to express feelings of love and that is the first step of fear in love.

Moving forward, love brings possessiveness and trust issues with itself.

Although, love is a very gentle feeling you cannot be gentle sometimes with the person you love.

And, this may lead to heartbreak sometimes.

It is very important that your partner understands your feeling and you both stand on the same page regarding the issues and matter you feel in your relationship.

Sensitivity is in the way we talk, express our feelings, and understand another person.

And, if we care about another person regarding these matters, it will eventually help us in building a more harmonious relationship and better mutual understanding.

Usually, the feelings of love get impaired if we do not talk nicely to others and try to tease or find fault.

Ultimately leading you to take some harsh decisions in your relationship with the person.

The fear of heartbreak, the fear of cheating, and the fear of trust are always there when you love another person.

The interesting part is you cannot do anything about these fears when in love.

You have to accept them and be more cooperative towards your partner, sometimes trusting them blindly and accepting things that you might don’t like.

Not only, but this fear also motivates you to do better in your love life, it makes you a better person altogether, following good habits.

When you are in love, you need the soul to connect with another person.

It is easy to establish physical relations, but the lack of sensitivity affects true love.

True love involves absolute truthfulness without fear of deception, only then you can live a happy life.

But, this is humanly not possible, because we all have trust issues in this modern world.

Fears are irrational, Isn’t it? Once we achieve that level of spirituality to beat the fears of deception and heartbreak, our life would be sorted out.

Without a doubt, the world needs true love without fear along with peace without power tussle.



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