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End of Suffering

The essential part of all spiritual processes that whether the end of suffering is possible or not in this life. Lord Buddha, after enlightenment, experienced the ultimate truth that the end of suffering is attainable.

end of suffering

He states-“ I teach suffering, its origin, cessation and the path. That’s all I teach.” The third noble truth clearly states that there is the cessation of suffering or Dukhha. It is popularly known as “Nirodha,” which means cessation or end of suffering. 

 What is the third noble truth?

what is third noble truth ?

The end of suffering can be attained by ending its cause. As we know, it is based on the scientific theorem of cause and effect. The suffering itself is the effect, while the desire and ignorance is the ultimate cause of suffering. When we remove the cause, we end the sufferings. Desire and ignorance both are inter-related. The majority of humanity is suffering from this deadly combination of birth after birth. The human being doesn’t have ‘Right Knowledge’, which is why he possesses the demerit of ignorance. Ignorance propels one to run for endless desires of life. The illusion of Mara( Maya) keeps one ignorant about the ultimate truth of life. 

How to control desires Buddhism

The very question arises here, if there is no desire then how one can live life. Here the right knowledge paves the path to the real art of living. Desire means one wants to achieve something in terms of material objects, power, fame, etc. to get happiness and satisfaction in life. Desire also implies that one is not satisfied with one’s present conditions and seeks change in it. One desires to get money, prosperity, beautiful women, fame, power, popularity,  objects for sensual pleasures, big houses, luxury vehicles—the lists are endless. The desires don’t come alone, it comes with severe attachments. The right knowledge doesn’t prevent you from desires rather the ignorance of attachment with impermanent entities. If once one gets birth here, one has to work and perform the duty to survive. No one is preventing you to seek desires. But the ultimate truth is that these all things are impermanence in nature. When they lapse or end –you find yourself almost shattered because of ignorance.

Nirvana Buddhism

nirvana buddhism

If one really wants to end one’s suffering, he must have to be free from the vicious cycle of attachment with desire. One’s suffering goes away when one stops craving. One must have to perform one’s duty. The desire should be for the upliftment of one’s life quality. Even Lord Buddha desired to end the suffering of life and so He attained Nirvana(Nibbana) in this life. You never be satisfied even after achieving all the desires. Satisfaction and pleasures don’t come from outside. Don’t waste the precious moment of life running blindly. In the very end, you will achieve nothing. The foremost importance of human life is that there must be an end to suffering and up-gradation of humanity in higher order.

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