How to live in the present moment- is the most important aspect of humanity. The core of suffering exists within us rather than anything else. Humanity has never tried to understand and learn how to live with the ‘Truth of Life‘. We always want to be either in the past or in the imagination of the future. But the ultimate truth is that we and our body is at this present moment. Not only this present time but deeply at this right moment. The moment when you are reading this truth of life.

If our mind remains where our body is, the cause of the whole suffering ends there. The problems start because we live physically at this moment but our mind not. Our mind used to languish in the past memories, incidents, actions, etc. Knowing this ultimate truth that the past which has gone can never be revert back but it spoiling our real moment of life which is right now. Similarly, our mind used to surf in just imaginary dreams, worries, and apprehensions of the future which is absolutely uncertain. What’s going to happen in the future no one in this world can predict precisely. Being either in past or in the future having the substantial potential to destroy anyone.

present moment

Many of you have spoiled and still spoiling several years of such precious life of this moment just being either in past or in future which is unreal. The real thing is only this present right moment where you’re. Once you make an absolute resolution to live this right moment, your whole life starts changing in a new direction. A new revolution in your life can happen there. You start to walk on the path of self-liberation. You start to perceive the whole thing in a real way rather than imagination. Live the moment will lead the path of “Samyak Drishti”(Right View) which will open the door of real happiness in your life.


The Truth prevails in the world. One must seek to find the Ultimate Truth.

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