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Brain is the integral part of this human body. The Brain  a wonderful tool of the greatest creation of the Supreme Nature. It is like the other sensory parts like  eyes to see, nose to smell, tongue to taste, skin to touch and ear to hear. These all sensory organs perform their assigned functions for survival of humanity. On the same scale  brain  is special part to instructs all other sensory parts to do their work. On physical anatomy and its perspective brain is the physical organ rather mind. Mind is not a physical entity. Brain is the part of the body. Brain is basically divided as -fore brain, mid brain and hind brain. Top of the brain is called cerebrum which is separated by four lobes-Temporal, Parietal, Frontal lobe and Occipital. Cerebellum is also known as little brain which is responsible for co-ordination , movement and balance.  You can find the brain physically but not the mind . Basically mind is the brain in action. How the brain is functioning -is the existence of mind. The mind is abstract. However in spiritualism the mind is fundamental.


P. Baidyanath, a seasoned author, and spiritual guide, blends the realms of literature and mindfulness seamlessly. A Patna University graduate, Baidyanath honed the craft further by earning Creative Writing Distinction at Symbiosis University, Pune. The author of the acclaimed book 'Time Enrichment,' their insightful narratives resonate with readers deeply. Holding certifications as an NLP practitioner and mindfulness coach from Happiitude global tribe, Baidyanath's holistic approach is fortified by a decade-long journey exploring spiritualism, mindfulness, Buddhism, and Indian philosophy. Through their words and guidance, Baidyanath continues to illuminate paths of self-discovery and inner peace.

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