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Mind mastery is one of the oldest paradigms in the context of mastery versus slavery for humanity. The life is one, we have bestowed upon. This is the greatest achievement to be a human being. The human being is the product of Nature. Nature is the ultimate and it is the greatest blessing that we have blessed with this supreme creation of the human body. If we observe nature, no creature has got with specific five senses.

mind mastery

The five senses of taste, smell, touch, hear and vision make us be much ahead of other creations. The ability of thinking is the most supreme ability that only a human being is blessed with. There are a million creatures, they are either unable to see or hear. There are other creatures, they can smell, see, taste, or smell but don’t have the ability to think or have wisdom.

Human beings are very special in Nature who can think and can use the power of wisdom. We take birth as natural right of freedom and independence but if we see among the humanity, majority of us live the life being as slave. However , it is us who choose either to be slave or the master.

mind slavery

Naturally we born as King but we have forgotten our kingship and habituated to live a life of slavery. You are a slave to your habits, slave to your superiors, slave to your desires, slave to yourselves. It is our mind that has created this circle of slavery. These lead to suffering. The mind is always fearful, always afraid.

The remote control of your happiness is not with you. It is with several others who are controlling you every moment. This life is nothing but slavery. You never stop and want to know the root cause of this slavery. Slavery starts in the mind and the mastery over life can also start there itself.

right knowledge

Ignorance(Agyanta) is the cause that results in the slavery of the mind. If once you are able to eradicate this ignorance, the chain of slavery starts to break. A piece of right knowledge(Samyak Gyan) has substantial potential to destroy all the clouds of ignorance and slavery of the mind.

The great human beings who reached the zenith of greatness only because they were the master of their life. A slave or beggar can’t be great. He can’t be a chooser. He lives on destiny which is created by his own mind.

mind mastery

Remember mind doesn’t want you to become the master because once you become the master the mind will lose its kingship. It is you who are the master of your life but your servant, the mind, has dethroned you. This is time, you must have to choose the life of a master or of a slave.


P. Baidyanath, a seasoned author, and spiritual guide, blends the realms of literature and mindfulness seamlessly. A Patna University graduate, Baidyanath honed the craft further by earning Creative Writing Distinction at Symbiosis University, Pune. The author of the acclaimed book 'Time Enrichment,' their insightful narratives resonate with readers deeply. Holding certifications as an NLP practitioner and mindfulness coach from Happiitude global tribe, Baidyanath's holistic approach is fortified by a decade-long journey exploring spiritualism, mindfulness, Buddhism, and Indian philosophy. Through their words and guidance, Baidyanath continues to illuminate paths of self-discovery and inner peace.

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