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Samyak Samadhi(Right Concentration) has very special importance in the spiritual process. In general, samadhi refers to the highest state of meditation. Samyak Samadhi is known as ‘Samma Samadhi’ in the Pali language. Right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration have an important place under the Samadhi Tri-Ratna in the Eightfold Path of Buddhism.


Samadhi Meaning

The word ‘samadhi‘ is made up of the root word ‘sam-a-dha’ which means ‘to bring together’. Samadhi means to bring the citta or mind together. In common language, it is also called ‘Chit ekkagratta’. Whatever is the achievement of human life, it is associated with concentration of the mind or Samyak Samadhi.

How to increase Concentration Power

In Samyak Samadhi (right concentration), it is practiced to focus the mind on a particular point or a thing. In contrast to the scattering of the mind, the concentration of the mind results in miraculous way. Even if they are inscribed with the myriad of sun rays, fire cannot be produced. In contrast, if some rays of the sun are concentrated and focused on a particular point, then fire arises in it. The production of fire in a piece of paper by the lens is a result of this scientific process.

How to increase Concentration Power

The practice of Samyak Samadhi in spirituality and the Yogic process can lead to the experience of ultimate truth rather than only freedom from sorrows or pain. Our mind continues to be scattered in the form of thoughts, from which nothing will be obtained. Thoughts are also a form of energy in the form of waves. Under the right mindfulness, we observe those thoughts emerging and disappearing like clouds -being neutral (Sakshi Bhava). Although it is possible to bring the mind together as energy, it is possible only through the practice of Samyak Samadhi (right concentration).

Mind Concentration

Mind Concentration

Mind concentration, even a hunter keeps while aiming, but it is not right concentration. Under this, the concentration of mind is maintained only when the factor of purity involved in it. Samyak Samadhi has the ability to transform the lives of human beings. The ability of an ordinary human to work in any area of life increases manifolds. This results in the inclusion of depth in the ability of understanding and intelligence in the life of a student or in the field of study. Human relationship improves and man becomes able to imbibe emotional intelligence better. It is able to solve the problems inside the family and understand mutual relations better.

Samadhi Yoga

Samadhi Yoga

Under Samyak Samadhi, there is a state of meditation by focusing the mind or citta on a single point. Under this, the state of a hierarchy of Four Dhyanas (‘Jhana’ in Pali language ) comes into existence. Under the state of first meditation, the seeker experiences happiness and pleasure due to the renunciation of attachment to worldly things. Under the second stage of meditation, the concentration of the mind results in a feeling of happiness and bliss. In the third state of meditation, there is a clear effect of Samata (Equanimity) and right mindfulness, which results in an experience of bliss. In the fourth stage of meditation, there is a feeling of pure equanimity and right mindfulness which is fundamental in the path of ultimate knowledge. Samadhi yoga paves the path to union with the ultimate truth or nirvana in this very life.

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