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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “kundal” which means coiled energy. In Hinduism, a kundalini is a form of divine feminine energy. It is believed that it is located at the base of the spine. Through chakras, this energy is channeled upward. In this type of yoga, the process of spiritual perfection occurs.

Kundalini Yoga Chakras

Kundalini Yoga Chakras

As kundal means the coil base or circular, so the philosophy of kundalini yoga is awakening the sleeping energy in the spine through seven chakras. Chakras are described as hubs of energy through which energy is distributed all over the body. It is designed for body awareness. Through the breathe work and different postures the energy is activated and achieved.

Kundalini yoga meditation

Kundalini yoga meditation

In the 15th-century kundalini yoga was adopted in hatha yoga. Yogi Bhajan introduced Kundalini Yoga to the west in the late 70s. In the 20th century, it became a more popular technique among people. This is the process of spiritual growth that unfolds while practicing this yoga.

Kundalini yoga is a blend of three practices.

Bhakti YogaThe practice of chanting and devotion.

  • Shakti Yoga

The expression of power and energy.

  • Raja Yoga

The practice of meditation and physical control.

Kundalini yoga poses

The seven chakras are seven energy points in our body. In kundalini yoga, the energy is transferred to the whole body. The seven chakras with their asanas of Kundalini yoga are:

  • First Chakra
Crow pose

The root chakra or Muladhara is the first step of kundalini yoga. The goal of this chakra is survival and free from fears.


Crow pose is adopted for this chakra. You have to stand straight and place both arms straight in the forward position. And then repeat sits and stands.

  • Second Chakra

The objectives of sacral chakra are desires and creation. 

frog pose


The frog pose is followed in this chakra. Sit on the ground on your feet, but heels should not touch the ground. Place the fingers of both hands on the floor. Straighten the knees as you inhale and squat as you exhale.

  • Third Chakra
Solar Plexus chakra

The purpose of Solar Plexus is will and action. 


The stretch pose is followed in third chakra or Manipura. Lie down on a mat your head and feet should not touch the ground. Stretch your arms straight along your body and stare to toes. This is also known as breath of fire.  

  • Fourth Chakra

The idea of the heart chakra is love.

Camel pose


Camel pose is adopted for this chakra. Bend the knees and bend backward, then hold your feet with hands. Also, try to bend the neck. This posture is a bit difficult to practice but significant for this yoga.

Cobra pose
  • Fifth Chakra

The concept of the throat chakra is communication.


Cobra pose is advised in the fifth chakra. Lie on the mat facing to the ground. Now lift up half the bod, legs will be on the ground and the neck will bend upward. 

ajna yoga pose
  • Sixth Chakra

The sixth chakra is also known as the third eye or Ajna. The goal of this chakra is wisdom.


The pose practiced in this chakra is guru pranam. Place forehead on the ground and torso over thighs. In the prayer position, extend the arms on the ground. 

  • Seventh Chakra
crown chakra pose

The last chakra is the crown chakra. And it is performed for transcendence. 


Sat Kriya is the asana for the seventh chakra. Sit on heels and stretch the arms straight over the head. Fingers will be interlaced except the index finger. It is the complete workout for all the chakras. 

Kundalini yoga benefits

Kundalini yoga benefits

Kundalini yoga is one of the most potent forms of yoga and meditation. The benefits of yoga solely depend upon the efforts of the practitioners. This yoga needs active and committed efforts to get the results. The so-called professionals and market shops selling the kundalini yoga are actually destroying this old form of yoga. Only the true practitioners and sadhaks used to achieve it with the firm and sincere efforts. This yoga has the inherent potential to enlighten human life. It can re-energize the human body and mind with optimal energy and vitality. It can start the process of inner transformation. The energy produced in this yoga can heal any kind of physical disease and imbalance in the bodily system. Mental peace, calmness, overcoming stress and anxiety, regulation of unnecessary thoughts, and emotions -these are the by-product of benefits of the great yoga.

Why is kundalini yoga dangerous?

Why is kundalini yoga dangerous?

Kundalini yoga is the supreme form of yoga which releases a tremendous amount of latent energy. The energy works on the universal principle of the conservation of energy. The energy, as we know, neither created nor destroyed only it can be transformed, however, it needs the suitable medium. The practitioners of the kundalini yoga must hold the desired eligibility to maintain such energy. The energy must also be channelized constructively.

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