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How to avoid procrastination: 10 secret facts

“How to avoid procrastination:10 secret facts” is one of the most important and accumulating hidden facts that are rarely ignored by most people. Procrastination is the state of mind where it does the trick to delay things.

The mind is fundamental for the rise and the fall of human beings. The mind has to make decisions to move further in any specific circumstances. Human life is nothing but the accumulations of the decisions taken in life.

One right decision would have the potential to make your life heaven; on the other hand, the wrong decision could make it like hell. However, it would be best if you had decided in a limited time; otherwise, the time will determine its passion.

The delay in tackling urgent issues or mental tendency to avoiding the tasks which need to be done is better termed as ‘procrastination’. So without delay let’s reveal How to avoid procrastination: 10 secret facts.

The mind is the -creator and controller both

mind procrastination

The mind is not only the controller of our entire thought process system; rather, it also an originator of it. The mind is fundamental because if anything goes wrong, it can be controlled and regulated by the mind. However, if the mind itself goes wrong, who will control it? The whole system will ultimately collapse. The mind is a great procrastinator for you. 

The mind is a different entity from you

The mind is not you; it wants to be in the status quo and super comfort zone. For any decision or activity, its basic tendency is to procrastinate. One who understands our own mind’s behavior can easily be out of this cycle of procrastination.

Game of mind 

Game of mind

The mind is, to some extent, much smarter than you. Sometimes you think you control the mind; however, the very mind controls you in reality. If you don’t understand yourself, including your mind, you cannot perceive and interprets how your mind behaves and react.

The mind accumulates nine-tenths of the subconscious mind, which greatly affects your decision and activities of life. Your self-observation through any means including yoga, meditation, etc. can be a game-changer to understand the game of mind to be the master of your fate.

Initial 5 seconds rule

Initial 5 seconds rule

The world’s best-known formula 5-second rule is not practical; rather, it’s a tricky one. The 5-second rule states when the thoughts come to mind to do anything within this time, you should start to act upon. This 5 seconds rule is impulse oriented theory which lacks the power of wise decision.

The decisions made by you must be judicious; however, they must be quick and in real-time. If you don’t start in a short time, the mind will get the opportunity to procrastinate. 

mind-body nexus to defeat you

Your body includes your mind too. There is no such physical thing in the body termed mind. Physically the part brain exists as a part of the body. In fact, the mind is the software of the brain.

The activity of the brain in function is known as mind. The mind and body have significant nexus to make it a whole and fulfill both purposes. When the body needs energy, it sends signals to the brain, and we take food.

Any decision which makes your body and mind out of comfort zone or to chage the status quo conditions, it creats a great nexus to defeat you by the act of procrastination.

Your Ego

your Ego

Perhaps you don’t know that when your mind and body have acquired the essence of ego and in what proportion. It is your ego, right now, which playing a dominant role in the overall betterment and growth of your life.

The ego is the real enemy of a human being, preferably someone else. However, the greatest irony is that we don’t introspect how this ego destroys life and its salvation process. On several occasions, it’s your ego, which creates great hurdles not to make a great decision or start something that could have a game-changer. 

Avoid perfectionism

leave perfectionism

Perfectionism is nothing but a transformational form of your ego. Your mind has created such things which is utopian in nature or, to some extent, almost impracticable. The mind creates such an illusion that this is not perfect, and you can do it better next time and leave it for now or postpone it.

This is nothing but a severe trap of the mind. Once you start doing a thing without getting involved in perfectionism, miracles start happening in your life. The mind looses its grip over you, and numerous new avenues that were barred because of procrastination start happening.

detach from past

The mind is nothing but a brilliant kid who always tries to trick you. This naughty kid always makes you roaming in the past, which has already gone forever and will never return. The past or pages of history are good to learn for humankind, not to repeat the mistakes and learn from it.

Whenever the mind gets its severe attachments with the past, it finds unable to take the better decision with focus intensity in the present moment, which is the cornerstone to avoid procrastination. 

don’t worry about the future

The future is undoubtedly and definitely like a Pandora box. Yes, it is something like a Pandora box because what will happen, no one knows in the next moment. The naughty mental kid has another basic tendency to roam in the indefinite future, which nothing but mere imagination. That’s also an excellent reason for procrastination, not focusing on this real present moment. 

present moment kills it

power of now

The present moment has great power of penetration and kills the beast of procrastination. Your position in this real present makes you understand your life’s activity transparently and proactively and take the decision, which is good enough.

You don’t delay things; you take the decision and execute it efficiently to achieve the optimal result. Your power of this present moment kills the evils of procrastination. 

Hope the “How to avoid procrastination: 10 secret facts” will transform your life and excel to a new level.

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