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Who am I is the most incredible quest for the entire humanity to know whether someone is a body, mind, thoughts, or something else?

Who am I is the most remarkable quest to find its place in Upanishad, Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism, Jainism, and key sutra for all the truthseekers of the world?


People are destined to get birth here run all their life for desires and one day find themselves waiting for death to come.

The veil of Mara or Maya is so illusionary that human beings find themself as nothing more than the mere puppet.

The Hindu philosophy believes that we human beings have gone through numerous birth here.

In each birth the story and destiny of a human being are similar- to get birth, quest for desires the whole life, and get die at the end.


Lord Buddha was great to know the trap of Mara or Maya and renounce everything in the quest of Who am I?

Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Guru Nanak, saint Kabir, saint Sai Baba, Ramana Maharshi, JJ Krishnamurthi, etc.- the names are countless who became able to understand the cycle of life and death and came to know the great secret.

Who am I: Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi is one of the great enlightened saints of the contemporary era and inspired millions of other human beings to get to know the great quest of life.

In the spiritual world of the modern period Ramana Maharshi, the great saint greatly popularized the ultimate quest.


He used to teach spiritual seekers to use this great quest repeatedly and with intensity to know their true selves.

He believes that for any seeker if the quest is pure and with determination it could lead to the path of enlightenment.

Who am I is a golden sutra for a seeker and the repeated use of this sutra enables one to find the true nature or pure self.

Who am I: Buddhism

Lord Buddha the propounder of Buddhism walked on this great quest to know himself. He was a king, however, the materialistic world could not fulfill his great quest.

He was restless to know from where and human being comes and where at the end goes. When the restlessness started to make him insane, he renounced the kingdom and chose exile to find the ultimate truth of this universe.


It took almost six great and rigorous years in exile being in an intense meditative state to know the true self and the supreme knowledge of this universe.

On the great night of Vaishakh Purnima, the night he got great enlightenment, he also became able to know who am I.

The scriptures state that on the same night before enlightenment he came to know that this was not his one single life. Before this life, he had gone through numerous lives.

The Jatak Katha is the collection of numerous life of the Lord Buddha and the cycle of life and death of each birth.

Who am I : Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita teaches great lessons to the entire humanity to practice the great Karma Yoga and completely surrender all the karma to the Almighty.

Lord Krishna himself states to the warrior Arjuna that this is not a single life rather several births had taken place earlier.


One must know himself and the true nature of the self to know the very basis of existence. If someone becomes able to know the nature of the pure self, he will be able to know the Ultimate Truth of this universe.

Gyan yoga, Bhakti yoga, and Karma -all three paths are feasible for someone to know the great secret and to reach the Ultimate Truth.

Who am I: Upanishad

Upanishads are the basis of the great Indian philosophy. It is believed as the research work done by the old Rishis or saints of Indian philosophy.

The rishis used to live in the forest and their meditation, self-study and their first-hand experience led to the creation of the great Upanishads.


Mandukya Upanishad is such a great one that elaborately explains the secret behind this ultimate quote. The great scripture states that I’m not this body, I’m not this mind, I’m not this thoughts as well- then the great question arises who am I?

“I am a soul, pure consciousness and I am Brahman (Aham Brahmashmi).”

Who am I Movie

The great title with a similar name is a German film directed by Baran bo Odar, Composed by Jantje Friese Baran bo Odar, Produced by Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann, Justyna Muesch, and Starring Tom Schilling Elyas M’Barek.

The German film Who Am I addresses the subjects of personality and security on the global Internet. The soundness of the film is the story.

Who Am I is energizing and exciting — it shows how simple it’s to hack our connected computers and personal cell phones sitting in any part of the world.

It is also natural to claim to be someone else or to steal someone other’s Identity.


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