10 weight loss tips

10 weight loss tips

10 weight loss tips are crucial, which are usually ignored to get accurate results. The specific weight loss tips easily can be followed in our daily life. Weight loss is one of the significant challenges for the majority of the population. The conversion of civilization into a more comfortable living and lifestyle transformed human beings into a cycle of unhealthy state. The indoor living lifestyle has kept them out of any physical activities, making them unhealthy and sick.


Putting on more weight compared to one’s BMI ratio results to overweight. BMI is the scientific ratio of one’s height and weight. BMI is the body mass index, which can be calculated as:

BMI= Mass/ HeightxHeight

The weight is considered normal if the BMI stands between 18.5 and around 24.9. If someone’s BMI falls between 25 and 29.9-it termed as overweight. If this BMI is 30 or more than 30, it falls in the category of obesity. You can get your exact BMI using the mathematical formulae.

There are tons of tips and suggestions available for weight loss; however, the top 10 weight loss tips are crucial, which are usually ignored to get accurate results.

Dinner before 8

Dinner before 8

The food we take in our body is crucial; however, our food’s timing is more crucial to losing weight. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner must be at the appropriate time. The most important is dinner time in the context of losing bodyweight. The exception may be for one or two days a month. However, you must try to take your dinner anyhow before 8 at night. If you do anything, however, unable to take your dinner before 8 pm, all your efforts to weight loss are futile.

25% Diet Formula

25%  diet Formula

Whatever your breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the context of your place, culture and cuisine-it must follow the 25 % rule. It implies that the food must have salads, pulses, vegetables, rice, or chapati-in a 25 % ratio. The concept behind it that the quantity of grains should be less and the vegetables and salads should be more. The salads and green vegetables greatly help to reduce body weight.

16/8 Formula

It describes in the context of intermittent fasting during the 24 hours cycle. It further implies that the food window is open only for 8 hours, and for the rest 16 hours, there will be a break from taking food. You may plan it as per your time management plan.

intermittent fasting 16/8

You may practice this 8/16 formulae once or twice a week or as per your convenience. On the practice day, you may take your only two food between 10 am to 6 pm(8 hours) in the daytime, then as per the 16/8 formula, you can take rest for 16 hours and will take breakfast the next day at 10 in the morning.

One day fasting

one day fasting

One day in a week, the digestive system must be at rest to do the body’s cleansing function. The whole system of the body must take rest for one day altogether. This rest day paves the cleaning out the intoxicates from the body and breaking down the fats.

More water

More and more water in the body makes the body help in the detoxification process. When we take less water, the body finds unable to drive out the intoxicants from our body. More and more water intake keeps us hydrated and balanced the body.

eat less salt

Eat less salt

The more salt intake makes to observe more water in the body. This ultimately leads to the storage of fats and swelling in the body. The unbalanced amount of salt in the body obstructs to the reduction of body weight. The human body needs balanced salt rather than more salt just for taste buds.

Half an hour exercise daily

exercise daily

To maintain a good weight and ideal BMI, half an hour of exercise is an excellent one. Don’t work out too much. Too much work out makes you more hungry and more obese. This half an hour daily exercise could be in any form-walking, jogging, running, cycling, gym, yoga etc as per your age and convenience.

Stop refined food

refined food

Nature is blessed with nutritious food that keeps us healthy as well as checks our body weight. The rapid race of civilization changed the raw food to refined food culture. White sugar, maida, white rice, refined oil, polished pulses, etc., are the most commonly consumable foods in our kitchen. These cultured food are less in nutritious and makes our body unable to lose weight quickly.

Stop processed food

processed food

Any food which comes out in the food processing method gets transformed its natural essence and nutritions. Chips, packaged snacks, packaged meats, packaged noodles, etc., are some typical processed food, making our body unable to lose weight.

Healthy alternatives

In the context of 10 weight loss tips, last but not the least is healthy diet alternatives. We can change our lifestyles into healthy ones with the use of healthy diet alternatives. Nature has blessed this earth full of wholesome options for the prosperity of our health.

healthy food

In place of tea and coffee, green tea is fine. In place of soda and cold drinks, coconut water or lemon-water is the best drink. In place of white sugar, jaggery can be more sweetened. If you crave snacks, enjoy sprouted ones rather than chips and processed items.

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