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How to prepare for UPSC- has always been the center of attraction for the youths. The journey from British-era ICS to IAS has gone through several changes in the history of Indian bureaucracy. Since the British era, there have been many changes from the specific system of examination to the present C-SAT exam system. Although despite all the changes in these many decades, the method of examination and evaluation of UPSC remained specific and secret. The primary objective of the Commission is to select the best and also to prevent the selection of the incompetents.


In recent decades, even the students of UPSC and BPSC have not remained untouched by the commercialization of education. The marketization of coaching institutes made the preparation of civil service a commercial reference. Soon, the context of coaching institutes became a market-like trade system. Union Public Service Commission and the State Public Service Commission always used to avoid such market-like products. Under the fundamental concept of the Commission, graduates from any university, the candidates who possess natural qualities and administrative attitude are suitable for civil services. The syllabus of optional subjects prescribed by the Commission is also of graduate curriculum or a little more.

Secret of success

Secret of success

Before preparing for UPSC or BPSC, candidates should assess themselves on the basis of why they want to become a civil servant. The choice of interest and career selection of each candidate is very important and personalized which demands detailed analysis. In this context, the Aptitude test is considered the most important one in many countries of the world. It is also associated with the process of the social and biological development of human beings. The candidate is also a human being first. Therefore, his attitude, his personality, his ability to work naturally differ from person to person. Why do you want to become a civil servant – is the most important question in terms of success. Answer the following questions which are comprehensively prepared on the basis of several years of service experience: –

  1. Civil service is an opportunity to serve the common man
  2. You get a good salary after joining civil service
  3. Civil service is an opportunity to earn money along with a good salary
  4. Social identity can be enhanced through civil service
  5. Civil service position – gives an opportunity to get prestige
  6. Many of my friends have been successful by preparing for the civil service, so I am also fascinated by it
  7. I have many better job options although civil service can be tried
  8. I have always been distinguished and insignificant, although I will be very important to others in getting this position.
  9. Civil servants may get an opportunity to change the social system that is in the status quo
  10. My family and friends want me to appear for the Civil Services Examination.

Answer the questions in Yes (YES) or No (NO) type format. Give practical answers instead of being ideal while answering the questions. The man knows himself so good as no other in the world. Although we are not even honest with ourselves or do not want to accept the Truth. If your YES type answer is more than three in response to the above questions, then you must need special care while making civil service a career. You can also answer all these questions in descriptive type format. Each answer can be given in a limit of not more than fifty words. The answer to these questions is very important for aspirants of civil service before choosing this as career options. You can show these answers to any experienced person or a well-qualified teacher. If you want, you can also send for evaluation on the email given on the website, which is completely free.

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