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What is passion? Do you know it? Why some of us reached the zenith of success while some failed. It is the passion in life that makes a substantial difference. Passion is something great motivating factor which continuously keeps you tune with your excellence in life.

Passion meaning

passion meaning

Passion is usually defined as “strong and barely controllable emotion.” It also implies any great, strong, powerful emotion, However, the term passion codifies itself much more rather its literal meaning. Everyone gets born as unique and unmatched in this world. However, very few people are enlightened about this secret. Do you have enlightenment about it? This is the greatest mystery of the universe which creates each human being with some inherent or natural bestowed gift. It is a mystery because no one exactly knows what special character one will be bestowed of. By physical appearance, even two brothers look similar however, one touches the greatness while the other doesn’t. Each one of us is born with some special talent but one is quite unaware of it for a long time.

Passion in life

passion in life

The external factors like surroundings, upbringings, our parents, etc. decide and want us just to follow the blind societal trends rather than the natural talent of a human being. This is the great fallout of humanity against the creation of nature. What if Sachin or Dhoni had been compelled to be an engineer or a doctor? What if Einstein had been compelled to do only a clerical job? What if A. R. Rahman had been compelled to run a grocery shop? What if Ramanujan had been compelled to be a sailor? What if Chetan Bhagat had been compelled to be a banker? That would be the greatest mockery of the creation of nature. However, still, the mockery is going on with the majority of the people. 

What is your passion

passion quotes

The greatest of all in contemporary scientists Albert Einstein stated that ” I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Definitely, it the factor of passion that makes a person great in his field. It is the passion that drives you to work great as per your natural talent. Are you struggling with the work that you do? It implies two things -first, might be you don’t know how to work. Second, the work is not coterminous with your natural passion. A human being in his tender ages starts to show the sign of his natural inclination towards kind of activities. It is the human brain whose complex but the natural process of mechanism decides whether one inclines towards rationality, reasoning, creativity, humanity, etc. The greatest actor of the millennium Amitabh Bachchan was admitted for studying science but his brain was unable to understand this because his natural inclination was towards arts and creativity. His passion for the work made him the greatest. This is the beauty of the Creation that everyone is bestowed with some special talent. Some are a lefty, some are a righty, some have passion for mathematics, some have for painting, some have for sports, some have for music, etc. 

what is your passion

The million-dollar question arises here, how one can know one’s passion. The majority of the human being is bound by the responsibility and security of the self and the family. When they were as children, it was their parents and the circumstances that compelled them to do things just for survival and security. In the course of time, the growing responsibilities made them unable to come out of the trap or unable to enrich their passion.

My Passion

Finding exact passion is not a simple affair. Basically, it is associated with the emotional intelligence of a human being rather than mere intelligence. It is not objective rather subjective one because a human being himself is unique and quite complex in nature. However, based on life experiences and researches there are some set of questions which paves the way to find the answer. Please read the set of following questions being calm and composed.

  1. If all your responsibilities are met right now, what would you like to do the most?
  2. If you can know that you have left a few days of life, what would you like to do the most?
  3. Do you spend your days with people you love while doing the work?
  4. Do you love the work or being compelled, what you are doing?
  5. Do you feel whether life is confusing or helpful in achieving your dream?
  6.  When you were a child, what was your ultimate dream?
  7. If life gives you another chance, what would you like to do?
  8. When you get leisure, what to do gives you the most comfort.
  9. Do others decide what should I do, or my natural instinct drives me?
  10. What does make you dissolved in or being so concentrated in the work when you have even no awareness of time?

Be Honest

Be honest with yourself and answer the above-listed set of questions. No one in the world knows better than you. If you are not honest yourself, you will be unable to find the real passion of your life. Write the answer on a page and get evaluated by self or any good teacher in this field. You can also send to the email mentioned on the website for evaluation which is being done as part of free service.

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