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Kundali Matching for Marriage

Kundali Matching for Marriage

In Vedic Astrology, kundali matching for marriage or horoscope matching is considered the highest important factor in the matching of horoscopes of the couple for marriage.

What is Kundali?

To put it in simple words, Kundali or Kundli means horoscope. It is an astrological chart that is used for predicting an individual’s future by accurately mapping the positions of the sun, moon, and planets at the precise moment of the birth of the individual.

A Kundali is prepared by an astrologer (pandit) using the individual’s date, time, and place of birth. Usually, the kundali chart is prepared on a large sheet of white paper.

Using this astrological blueprint, it is not only possible to predict an individual’s present situation but also his/her past karma and future predictions.

In astrology, kundali is also referred to as Janampatri, Janam Kundli or Patrika. 

According to Vedic astrology, the kundali of a person serves as a blueprint in his/her life that reveals milestones that are expected to occur.

The basic concept behind the creation of a kundali, as per Vedic astrology is that there is a purpose behind everything in life.

In other words, all things that exist in the cosmos follow cosmic rules.

A kundali serves as a chart that helps an astrologer study the relationship between various planets and how they impact an individual’s life, just like currents and tides affect water bodies.

What is Kundali Matching?

When looked at the point of Hinduism, or traditions in India in particular, marriages have always been fixed with the blessings of parents and other elders in the family and society.

Therefore, kundali matching becomes an important aspect of marriages. Once the horoscope matching or kundali matching is done, marriages are often decided after that.

Kundali matching is one of the most trusted and accurate methods of checking compatibilities between two horoscopes. Once this match is over, the prediction for Shubh Muhurat for marriage is made.

There are three major factors based on which the Kundali matching report is generated for a couple. They are:

  • Guna Milan Score
  • Navamsa Chart Strength
  • Presence of Manglik Dosha

Kundali Matching by Name

Nakshatra’s level of matchmaking and compatibility is involved in Kundali matching by name.

This type of matchmaking is considered more accurate as compared to horoscope matching using zodiac signs.

So, when an astrologer employs kundali matching by name, it is essentially Nakshatra matching.

This type of matchmaking is particularly useful if the couple’s name is based on the Indian astrology’s Nakshatra system and there are no birth details available for whatsoever reason.

In these cases, Kundali matching by name comes to the rescue of the couple for analyzing the compatibility and married life.

You only need the current name of the boy and girl for Kundali matching by name.

As the birth details of the couple can be wrong, like, wrong birth times, etc, Kundali matching by name becomes an ideal choice for many.

Kundali Matching by Date of Birth

One of the most common and widely accepted modes of compatibility between a couple is kundali matching by date of birth.

In India, kundali matching by date of birth has played an important role in marriages since ancient times.

In Hindu culture, compatibility between the couple using the date of birth factor gets a lot of attention before they tie the knot because the result of the compatibility test reveals a lot of details about the couple, including whether the couple will lead a peaceful and happy married life.

An astrologer will do a lot of calculations based on the date of birth of the couple and gunas before he gives any recommendation.

The shubh muhurat for your wedding for a blissful and long relationship can be predicted using kundali matching by date of birth.

Horoscope matching by date of birth also reveals a lot about the couple’s Manglik Dosha. If Mangal in the kundalis of the couple is not balanced, then the hopes of a blissful marriage may be dashed.

The eight gunas of the couple are calculated based on the details provided by them using a calculator.

The compatibility of the eight gunas is what decides the fate of marriage in kundali matching by date of birth. The gunas are as follows:

  1. Vashya – While checking the Guna Milan using the date of birth, this Guna helps in determining who among the couple will be more controlling and dominating.
  2. Varna – This Guna compares the caste of the couple. Ideally, the cast of the groom should be higher, or at least equal to the caste of the bride.
  3. Graha Maitri – This Guna is used for calculating the mental and intellectual connection between the couple.
  4. Tara – The health quotient of the couple is determined by studying this Guna of the couple.
  5. Bhakoot – The financial prosperity and welfare of the family is indicated by this Guna. Bhakoot Guna also reveals the direction of the careers the couple might take after marriage.
  6. Gana – The compatibility of the couple, based on their behavior, approach, attitude, and personality is determined by this Guna. Additionally, it indicated the moon sign compatibility of the couple.
  7. Yoni – The sexual compatibility of the couple is determined through this Guna.
  8. Nadi – This is arguably the most important among all the Gunas and holds maximum points while calculating kundali Milan using the date of birth methodology. The health of the couple and the whole family is revealed by this Guna. Matters like progeny and childbirth also get determined using Nadi.

Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth

When kundali matching is done by name and date of birth and the results are on the higher side, it is an assurance that the two individuals are compatible and are eligible to get married in an auspicious and favourable way.

Kundali matching indicates that the couple is likely to live a happy and long married life.

When the couple decides to marry without kundali matching by name and date of birth or without taking an expert’s help, chances are they might face physical or mental issues in their life that might eventually lead to complications like divorce.

Therefore, it is suggested that the prospective couple opts for kundali matching before taking the most important decision of their life.

Everybody deserves to have a life partner who is decent with whom the individual feels upbeat and who makes some precious moments that can be cherished for a lifetime.

This is why opting for kundali matching by name and date of birth becomes an ideal choice for couples wishing to get married and enter the next phase of their life.

Best Kundali Matching

The best Kundali matching happens when all 36 gunas match. Such a scenario is considered ideal for the couple to marry.

Astrologers believe that when all 36 gunas match, the marriage becomes auspicious, ideal, and perfect.

However, the probability of all the gunas matching is rare, possibly one in a million matches.

Therefore, an ideal number for kundali matching is when at least 24 or more gunas match.

This is when the bride and groom are believed to be made for each other and marriage can happen.

How many Gunas should match for Marriage?

The minimum kundali match for a happy and blissful marriage is between 18 and 24.

Marriage is not recommended for the couple if the kundali match score is below 18.

However, if the score is above 24, it means the couple can look forward to enjoying a trouble-free and joyous married life together.

Online Kundali Matching for Marriage

Online kundali matching is one of the most accurate and easiest ways for matching the kundalis of the prospective bridegroom and bride anytime and anywhere.

Though the concept of kundali matching for marriage is an ancient practice, the boom of the internet in the modern era has made it possible for tech-savvy astrologers and Vedic practitioners to study and match horoscopes online.

All the astrologer needs to do is enter the details of the two individuals, like names, birth dates, birth times, and birthplaces.

The in-built Vedic astrological software does the processing work and shows the result for interpretation.

Online kundali matching for marriage is fast gaining importance and recognition in India and the rest of the world. This method of matching is found to be convenient, easy, quick, and reliable.

Is Online Kundali Matching Correct?

The results of online Kundli matching are correct if the right details of the groom and the bride are entered into the computer system.

As the results are automatically generated through the software, there is hardly any scope for glitches or human error that might creep into the report.

Online kundali matching reports are generally analyzed by an expert astrologer. So, you can be sure of getting comprehensive and accurate reports.

Does Kundali Matching affect Marriage?

Yes, kundali matching matters in making decisions about marriage. To understand fully how kundali matching affects marriage, it is important to understand what kundali matching does in the first place.

Kundali matching provides a deep insight into a lot of things about marriage, like whom will you marry, when will you marry, how will be your progeny, how will be the compatibility with the partner, and so on.

These are some important aspects any individual will be interested in knowing before he/she gets into wedlock.

How Can I Check 36 Gunas for Marriage?

In India, especially among Hindus, marriages are conducted in customary ways, taking into account 36 characteristics or Gunas.

When the number of Gunas of the two people whose Kundalis are studied is matched, the resulting score is used for determining if the prospective marriage will be successful or not.

Altogether, there are eight groups in which the Gunas can be found. Each of the groups is graded between zero and eight, with zero being the lowest and eight being the highest.

  • Vashya (2 Points)
  • Varna (1 Point)
  • Graha Maitri (5 Points)
  • Tara (3 Points)
  • Bhakoot (7 Points)
  • Gana (6 Points)
  • Yoni (4 Points)
  • Nadi (8 Points)

Kundali matching becomes useful and accurate when all variables are considered.

A thorough description of the information is required along with horoscope matching for any prediction to be accurate.

It is only then that marital setbacks can be prevented. In Indian tradition, horoscope matching is quite common.

Since kundali matching considers the couple’s ratio of matching attributes, it becomes one of the important factors for long Indian marriage existence.

Is Online Horoscope Matching Accurate?

Online horoscope matching is accurate provided all the details of the couple entered into the system are accurate.

Like a Pandit does in the real world, in an online horoscope matching service, the software uses Patra or Panchang to provide accurate Gun Milan reports.

Additionally, the online reports are double-checked by expert horoscope matchmakers and only thereafter the accurate results are shared with the users.

In Astrology, how are points in Guna Milan Calculated?

In Astrology, Guna Milan by date of birth or name is carried out by matching eight aspects. Guna Milan helps determine the compatibility between the couple.

Without any astrological knowledge, it may be difficult for anyone to understand Guna Milan as a lot of complexities is involved.

To put it in simple words, each of the eight gunas that are associated with Kundali Milan by birth date or name are assigned points.

While the first guna is given one point, the second guna is given two points and so on. Therefore, in all, there will be 36 points.

Is it necessary to match Kundali in late Marriage?

Irrespective of the age of the groom or bride or the time of the marriage, Kundali Milan or matchmaking by date of birth or name is considered essential.

When horoscope matching is done before marriage, it indicates the level of compatibility between the couple. The level of compatibility can be seen across all levels.


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